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Giving Back to Mother Nature

Artemis Metalworks is founded on the belief that our earth, as well as all of its inhabitants are to be treasured and cared for with future generations in mind. In an effort to practice metalsmithing consciously, Artemis uses only recycled metals for production of jewelry and consciously recycles all metal scraps for future use.  Gemstones are sourced from responsible sellers who practice sustainable and ethical mining practices. Packaging is kept to a minimum and recycled paper is used. Giving back to our environment is important to us and we support the National Wildlife Federation by donating 3% of profits annually.  In particular, we support the cause to save our endangered plant and animal species, especially the monarch butterfly, my childhood favorite and an important pollinator species for North America.  For more information on the plight of the monarchs, please visit our Save the Monarchs page.  We encourage our customers to always keep our earth in mind and to practice mindful conservation and species protection as much as possible.