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The Process

Artemis Metalworks is a small, independent and woman-owned operation. I gain inspiration from my muse, Artemis, goddess of the wildlands. I seek to imbue my pieces with the beauty I find there.
Ideas are sketched with pencil or ink and finalized with exact measurements and drawings, as necessary. Some pieces are drawn in a CAD program. A few are hand painted to memorialize their beauty.




The designs are then hand-forged from recycled metals of sterling silver and gold. Gemstones and minerals are sustainably sourced. Alloyed precious metals of sterling silver or gold grain are melted in a crucible, poured into a mold to form an ingot, and rolled into sheet or wire. 



Pre-formed wire and sheet are also used for some pieces. A hand-powered rolling mill is used to form the metal into sheets or wire of desired thickness and size. Metal is cut with a shear or jeweler's saw and hand-forged with a hammer to shape and create a textured finish and to add unique character to each piece. Gemstones are set by use of a flex shaft rotary tool fitted with cutting and forming tools called burrs. Minerals and cabochons are set within a bezel setting or within prongs.



Each piece is unique and different and crafted to endure generations.
My hope is to inspire you to enjoy every precious moment of your life and experience many adventures along the way . . . all while knowing the pleasure of wearing a unique piece of jewelry while you do so.