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My Story

I founded Artemis Metalworks in 2022 as an outlet for my creative, passionate and free side. I hope my story inspires you to appreciate your wild side and set yourself free to live in a vibrant and fulfilled manner. Life is short and there is much living to be done!

Growing up I spent countless hours outdoors, running barefoot and carefree, happy in nature. When not outdoors, I was drawing and painting. I was wild and free.  Then, somehow, over the years, I forgot who I was. I entered a career path that was not true to my soul.

In August of 2017, after 25 years of working in the corporate realm, I found my world losing its luster.  Feeling undervalued and unappreciated I walked off my job on a Friday afternoon and determined I was not coming back. I took the weekend to escape to the mountains with my dog, Goldie. Together, from a mountaintop in the Idaho wilderness, we watched in profound wonder the total eclipse of the sun.  Some believe an eclipse signifies new beginnings.  It was on that mountaintop in the Idaho wilderness, the shadows which had settled upon my life became all too real. As the sun re-emerged, so too did the color I had been missing. It was clear to me that I could not return to the corporate world which had suffocated my soul for so long. I needed to make a change of careers. But anything beyond this tract of thought would have to be put on hold. 

Returning home from the weekend, I unexpectedly entered the realm of sole caretaker when my father and dearest friend received a diagnosis of vascular dementia. I spent the next 5 years caring for my father and lost him in April of 2021. During this difficult time, my 12-year relationship with my significant other, who I believed was my rock and soul mate, crumbled and fell apart and I lost my beloved kitty, Clover to cancer. By the end of 2021, I was at an all-time low.  It was time to start anew.

The loss of my father and Clover was a stark reminder that life is short! I was 57 years old and I was completely starting over. I revisited my solar eclipse experience and drew strength from within. I asked myself What do I truly want to do with my remaining years? I am an artist and I love and appreciate art. I’ve always been an artist. I was filled with self-doubt. I just didn’t think I could share my art with others or make a living doing so. Thinking about it, I realized

If I don't believe in and honor myself with the choices I make for my life, who will? 

I wanted to design and make jewelry, to be an artist. I decided the time was now or never.  New beginnings!

I can't say the journey has been easy. Or that it hasn't been scary as hell! But I am doing it. Each day I wake up and tell myself, "I love me!" and, "I can do this!" and, "I believe in me!" 

My journey into the wildlands

After spending some years caring for my beloved father who was ill with dementia, I ventured off to attend the Portland Jewelry Academy where I learned the skills of metalsmithing and gemstone setting.


From Portland, my journey took me further into the mountains of the Sierra Nevada, where Artemis Metalworks was born.

Artemis Metalworks is the realization of a new chapter in my life devoted to nature, art, and the beauty of this world.

My muse is nature - the elements and raw power of our beautiful earth - from the shimmery wonder of a raindrop on a leaf, to the intricate patterns of windblown sand. Every rock, feather and pine needle has brought me closer to life and divine design. I am out there as often as is possible, in all the seasons, drawing strength and healing from the wildlands. My hope is that, through my art, I am able to share these adventures with you and inspire you to be wild and free. 

When I’m not in my studio, I enjoy spending time with my family.  I am a mother of two incredible (now grown) children, my son and daughter. I’m also blessed with my beautiful and talented daughter-in-law, my two absolutely wonderful granddaughters, my dog, and my two horses. I enjoy running, hiking, camping, traveling, skiing, and anything that brings me closer to the wildlands.

Wishing you many grand adventures, hoping you find your wild and the passion within,