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Bangle Sizing - How To

Bangle Sizing Chart

Size Circumference Inside Diameter
X-Small  7"
Small 7-1/2"
Medium 8-1/4"
Large 8-5/8"


How to ensure a proper bangle fit:

1)  First, fold the thumb beneath the index finger and the pinky beneath the ring finger as if you are putting on a bangle. 

2)  Next, using a soft measuring tape, measure across the widest part of the hand, starting at the lower thumb knuckle and extending to the outside of the palm below the pinky finger. Make sure you are measuring the widest part of your hand. 

3)   Choose the size of bangle from the chart above based on this measurement.


Cuff Sizing

XS:  5.0" - 5.5" wrist size

S:  5.5" - 6.5" wrist size

M: 6.5" - 7.0" wrist size

L:  7.0" - 7.5" wrist size

XL: 7.5" - 8.0" wrist size

To ensure a proper cuff fit:  Wrap a soft measuring tape around the wrist where the wrist-bone is located. Use the chart above to select proper size.


Necklaces - Choosing the Proper Chain Length

Our standard chain length of 18" allows a pendant to hang at about your collar bone. Some necklaces are offered in a longer standard chain length to reflect the style of the pendant or necklace.

For any necklace, shorter or longer chain lengths are available upon request, with longer chain lengths being slightly higher in cost.  The photo below will help you to decide on the perfect chain length.